Wednesday, May 20, 2015

An Anniversary & a Giveaway

The word wenches — the historical romance authors I regularly blog with — are celebrating their 9th anniversary. That's a long time in blogland.

We're celebrating with a series of posts about our first ever book, and with a giveaway. Eight winners will win one of these books, and one winner will win all eight of the books!

To enter the giveaway contest click here:


  1. Congrats, Anne! I just sang you all a little song over there ;)

    Here's to many more blogs, books and conversations.

    How's the puppy? And did you ever watch the DVD?

    1. The puppy is snoozing at my feet in front of the heater -- it's cold and wet outside and she is a heat-seeking missile. :) The DVD -- alas, not yet. Mt TV is broken and i'm not getting a new one until my renovations are done, and my new laptop does not have a slot to show DVDs. But I will, I promise. I feel so bad about this, but I'm VERY grateful for all your trouble and kindness and expense. :(

    2. Please! Don't feel bad. I just wondered if you'd watched it and what your thoughts were. I have DVDs from two years ago still in the plastic.

      Our weather is trying to warm up here, but in the winter, and it was a really bitter winter here with 30 below freezing temps, my dogs would go out for a max of oh...30 seconds and then it was right back in the house and under the bed covers. Silly dogs!

      You need to do a post on the puppy. :)