Friday, March 21, 2014

Freddy & Marriage ~ part 1

Freddy has been quizzing Damaris on her aversion to marriage:

She rounded on him suddenly. "Why don't you want to get married?"

"What? None of your b—"

She smiled. "Exactly. And yet marriage offers you so much; a wife to run your home and do your bidding—"

Freddy snorted. "Do my bidding? You don't know much about wives if that's what you think."

"A companion, children—isn't it your duty to produce an heir to continue the family name? What do they say, 'an heir and a spare'?"

Freddy loathed the expression. 

"Or is it women you have an aversion for? I know some men—"

"I do not have an aversion for women!"

"Well then, why don't you want to marry?"

Nettled, Freddy stared at her in frustrated silence. 

She gave a little grin. "See? Not so much fun when you get a taste of your own medicine, is it?"