Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I Visit the Ballroom with my latest hero, Luke. . .

As you know, I'm on a blog tour to launch Bride By Mistake — see below for the dates of each blog.
I've decided to post the beginning of each blog here, so if it appeals, you can click over to the site I'm visiting.

This is The Ballroom Blog, and my hostess is the wonderful Katharine Ashe. She says...

Today I’ve donned my prettiest gown, new kid gloves, and a pair of antique pearl earrings I borrowed from one of my heroines. I’ve even dabbed lavender water behind my ears and on my wrists. Why the extra primping? Because it’s my first time bringing an author as a guest to the ball, and I’m feeling celebratory! 
And what a guest! Anne Gracie – author of deliciously emotional, sexy, captivating stories – enters the ballroom with me. She’s dressed in a flowing purple gown and is wearing a string of glittering beads and a turban with peacock feathers.


  1. Anne, I read the post on the Ballroom Blog, but wow! One hundred comments and counting! I loved the blog, have been enjoying the tour.

    1. Thanks, Theo, I'm sorry I missed this comment. It was a very hectic time.

  2. So I know how you're starting a new series about four friends so can we look forward to a definite date to when it got out. But so I know that your publishers don't want want you to do Marcus's story, but since so many of your fans are requesting for it do you think that you might still write it? And like post it up online or something if they don't want to publish. To you know give back to your readers for their support or like pulling a Stephanie Meyers and putting the rough draft up online.

    1. Hi Erin, I do want to write Marcus's story, and I plan to write it when I can find the time. That's the problem -- I'm not a very fast writer, and I have contractual obligations to my publisher.

      I won't ever put a rough draft up, though. I'm the kind of writer who fusses over a story until it's the best I can make it, and I don't show anyone my rough drafts except a couple of critique partners and my editor.

      When the story is finished, if my publisher doesn't want it, I will probably self-e-publish it. But at the moment I'm too busy working on the contracted book.