Saturday, August 1, 2015

Fame at Last! — I think I've 'nailed' it!

I received an email yesterday from romance writer Stef Ann Holm, who I've never met, but who clearly is a kind and lovely person, telling me my book was featured on page 10 of the August 3 issue of WOMAN'S WORLD.  She sent me this picture and this email:
I was eating lunch this afternoon, and glancing at the August 3 issue of Woman’s World magazine (The one with Dr. Oz on the cover and how to lose up to 400 lbs. by eating almond butter—going to pick me up almond butter in a moment. LOL)  Anyway . . . on page 10, they show how to make manicures special.  They used a paperback to imprint pages on your nails. I’m a romance writer too, and I always look at book titles.  Saw “SPRING BRIDE” and did a Google search.  There you are!  And this is YOUR book.  Thought you’d enjoy knowing that.  Here’s a picture of the page you’re on.  May all women use your book to paint their nails.  But only after they read it and post 5-star reviews on Amazon. 

And lo! Yes, that's text from my book, THE SPRING BRIDE on that model's nails.  So do you think I've nailed the Fame thing? Or am I trying to gloss over the destruction of a book? Do you use my books to paint your nails? Should I? And wasn't it lovely of Stef Ann Holm to let me know?


  1. That's hilarious and awesome. Well done, Anne.

  2. I think it's lovely she let you know! Wish I could find that magazine but it's already gone off the shelves. I'd like to see how they did that. And no, I'm not one to destroy any book (I did burn one, but only one book) unless of course it's because you've read it so many times that it's just falling apart.

    Congrats, Anne! :)

    1. Yes, it's so kind and thoughtful of her, Theo, and she's posting me a copy, which is Above and Beyond. It's just a silly fun thing, and there's no way I'll ever do it--ruin a book for the sake of nail?? -- but it's fun to share.