Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Australian Romance Reader Awards

Every year ARRA (that's the Australian Romance Readers Association) announces their awards, and I'm delighted to announce that my book, The Winter Bride, has been nominated for several awards in the 2014 awards:
Favourite Historical Romance
Favourite Continuing Romance Series
Favourite Australian Romance Author 2014
and my hero Freddy is nominated for the The Sexiest Hero from a romance published in 2014
The full list is here.

Thanks to ARRA for organizing this Reader's Choice Award and thank you to those readers who nominated my book.
The winners will be announced at the ARRA Convention in Canberra in March 2015.


  1. Thrilled to see you there, Anne. And for Freddie as sexiest hero. LOVED that book and those characters so much.

    See you at ARRC!

    1. Thanks so much, Cathryn -- loved seeing your French Prize on the list as well. Fab book.