Thursday, May 23, 2013

Look what just arrived on my doorstep.

I'm smiling.

I remember when they gave out the first RITA finalist pins — it was at the 2000 (I think) conference in Washington, and it was my first RWA conference, and my first book was a RITA finalist.

The pins were new and it was a surprise for everyone when, as we registered they gave them out. They gave pins retrospectively as well, and some people were pinning on three, four, twelve or more and everyone was grinning and exclaiming over them with delight.  It was SUCH a buzz, and all through the conference it looked like little silver ladies were dancing across people's chests.

This is my fourth RITA finalist pin and the buzz doesn't get any less. It's a thrill every time, and the arrival of this beautiful little silver lady on my doorstep just made my day/week/month.


  1. I think it's such a good idea - it demonstrates that being in the final (I refuse to endorse"finaling") is an enormous achievement in itself, whether or not you end up as the winner.

    1. Helena, that's exactly how I think of it too. Just to be a finalist is a thrill, like having an Oscar nomination.

      When I came home from that first conference, I tried very hard to get the Australian RWA to introduce pins for their awards. In the end it took a few years and I had to join the committee and organize it myself.

      I think it's lovely to have something tangible to signify the award. At conferences ee all dig out our various pins and wear them on our name tags -- a bit like old soldiers and their medals. :)

      As for using finaling as a verb — I'm grinning. It's taken me some years to accept it, but I've finally caved.

  2. I think this is fabulous and what a beautiful pin! And a well deserved final as far as I'm concerned.