Wednesday, April 11, 2012

#Lucky 7 Challenge

There's a new twitter thing going around between writers. When you get tagged, you're supposed to go to the current manuscript, to page 7 or page 77, count down 7 lines and then post the next 7 lines of your manuscript on your blog< Then tweet about it and tag 7 more writers, including #Lucky7 in the tweet.

So I was tagged by Jenny Haddon, so here they are — 7 lines from page 7 (though I always change my beginnings around heaps, so they won't end up there in the final book, I bet.)

He scanned the ships in the bay. "Any of them bound for London?"
Ash nodded. "Devon Lass is. And Dublin Lass, too, but she's slower."
"A grand little lady all the same," Flynn said. Dublin Lass was his first ship and he was very fond of her.
"Devon Lass it is, then," Max said. "Sailing on tonight's tide?"
Ash nodded, his expression bemused. "Yes — but — you're sailing tonight? Because your aunt's letter is too polite?" He glanced at the empty bottle of champagne. 


  1. Oh wow. A mysterious letter, a ship about to set sail AND champagne. Seems a pretty good place to start to me. I nearly fell onto the screen with my tongue hanging out, I so wanted to know what happened next.

  2. I can't wait to read the rest! What a tantalizing taste! :-)

  3. Thanks, Jenny and Judy.
    The scene needs work, but I'm glad it had some appeal.

    This is a great little exercise - thanks Jenny for tagging me.

  4. I too want to know more, especially about the letter, why his aunt was too polite and why this concerned Max. From this tantalising taster, we know where they're going, but where are they?

  5. Thanks, Rebecca -- that's the problem with just 7 lines.

    But I suspect I'm not supposed to say more, so.... I won't.

    Honestly, I'm amazed 7 lines told you so much.

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