Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Separation

 I saw a movie last night that I recommend — an Iranian film called A Separation.
It's about a woman who wanted to leave Iran to get a better future for her daughter, and the husband who cannot leave because he cares for his elderly father, who has Alzheimers, and the consequences that arise from the stress this puts them under. 
 It was a wonderful movie — intense, subtle and complex, with no easy resolutions. I felt for every one of the characters. The acting was excellent, even by the children. The daughter, torn between her parents, was superb in her restrained desperation. No teen histrionics here.

 And the little girl whose pregnant mother came to take care of the elderly father — both were excellent.
It was also a fascinating glimpse into another culture. 
 No wonder it won an Oscar for Best Foreign Film.

Well worth seeing if you can manage it.

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