Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Poster Magic

I'm doing a talk — a Girls Night Out, with sparkling wine and chocolates — at Preston Library in Melbourne on the 14th March, and they've made the cutest manga-ish poster to advertise it, using a photo I'd sent them.

The photo was taken by a couple of wonderful friends who were visiting Melbourne, and when I said I had to get a photo — I am so not good with photos — they whipped out the makeup and the camera and posed me in their hotel room. This is the photo I sent to the library.
And then a genius called Dean turned it into this cute, slightly manga-style poster.
Nice eh?
Hope you can come on the night.
And by the way, I have real Japanese Mangas of my books. I wrote a post about them here.


  1. I like both of them. The photo is very classy. :-)

  2. Thanks, Keziah -- the photo is thanks to Carol Marinelli and Fiona McArthur -- their makeup, their clothes, their shots. LOL