Sunday, January 15, 2012

Dancing shadows

In one of the rooms of my house there are two large windows with holland blinds as their only covering. The holland blinds are old, a bit worn and tatty and deeply unfashionable, but I love them.

The reason I love them is that every morning they give me wonderful shadow pictures, dancing silhouettes of the leaves outside. It reminds me of a book from my childhood, with wonderful illustrations.

Mine are not quite as decorative, but I think they're beautiful, nevertheless, especially since they dance and move constantly in the breeze.

Gives me a smile every morning.


  1. Light can be such a mood changer - what a gorgeous start to a morning.

  2. It is lovely, Kelly, and different depending on the angle of the sun. I'm going to have to replace those blinds one day, but I'm going to look for something that will give me the same effect.