Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Paper earrings for Christmas

A friend sent me a link to a photo of some folded paper Christmas trees, and they seemed pretty simple so with a little experimentation, I worked out how to make them, and with some cut out red ads from a catalogue I made some little ones, just to see if they worked and they did.

It's very easy -- just a circle folded in half then folded back and forth. But light and fun.

Then I found some double sided colored paper, so of course I had to try it with that, too. I snipped a shred away from the top layer of each fold to show the color beneath, and attached earring wires.

Then I made the ones below with a music print and I tried slipping in a slightly larger red semicircle between the fold, and that worked a treat, I think. 
They'd look lovely, I think, hanging in a line on a string but here they are just as small ornaments to hang.

And someone just sent me this link, so I can also send you to a pattern
She's used semicircles for her cards, but I used circles folded in half — it makes for a more dimensional earring or hanging ornament, I think.


  1. They're lovely, Anne! And this looks like something I just might be able to make. :o)

  2. Theo, it's quite pretty and truly very easy. So are the other Christmas decos I put up in earlier blogs — I'm not into difficult fiddly things. :)
    Ann Martin has posted some very pretty Christmas ornaments on her site and I love her white pinecone. I know from experience that's the easiest of all -- it's just cut out and thread with a bead in between each layer. I made mine in green, but Ann's white one cut from a letter is so elegant.

  3. That pine cone is gorgeous! I'll have to start following her blog. She has some wonderful things.

  4. Yes, she has some stunning things on her blog.
    I learned to make this gorgeous handing German bell ornament from Ann Martin.

    It too is very easy -- MUCH easier than it looks.

  5. Love this- glad to know another author loves craft too- can't wait to try these- thanks!

  6. Making "stuff" often helps me nut out plot problems -- it goes with writing I think.