Saturday, September 17, 2011

Movie: Beginners

I saw a movie recently that completely charmed me. It's called BEGINNERS and stars Ewan McGregor and Christopher Plummer as a father and son, and also Mélanie Laurent— and a very cute dog.
I'm not going to tell you the story — it's about a man and his father and a young woman he meets — but I will say the movie wasn't quite what I expected from the trailers I'd seen. I thought it was going to be all about the son and father relationship, and that's partly true, but it wasn't the way I expected. It's really about love in all its aspects, and there's also a lovely romance... well, two, really.
It's about acceptance, and being open to love, and living in the moment, and learning. My friend and I emerged from the cinema with smiles, and we went for dinner and kept throwing up thoughtful comments about the movie long afterward.
It's a life-enhancing movie, and definitely worth seeing.

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