Sunday, September 25, 2011

Green Tea

I've never been much of a tea drinker — coffee is my hot beverage of choice: strong, with a good splash of milk, no sugar. My family were always tea drinkers, also strong, sometimes with a dash of milk, mostly not.

It wasn't until I drank Chinese tea that I realized I liked tea. So now, when tea is offered I ask for weak, black, no sugar, and it's fine. Then I went on a health kick and decided I should drink green tea. I found it bitter, nasty stuff. I struggled with it a while, then gave up. It wasn't for me — or so I thought.

Enter Keri Arthur, who's become an inveterate drinker of green tea. At a conference earlier this year, she offered me  a cup of green tea. I pulled a face. "No thanks, too bitter for me."

"Then you're making it wrong," she told me. "Don't make it with boiling water — wait a few minutes to let the water drop below boiling point, then make the tea. And don't let it steep too long." And she made me a cup and I liked it.

Since then, I still start my day with a lovely strong cup of coffee, but for the rest of the day it's green tea, nothing fancy -- tea bags from the supermarket. I have less patience than Keri - after the kettle boils, I add a dash of cold water and pour straight away.

And I drink my tea from the very special mug pictured above, a gift from a friend in memory of the time a bunch of romance writers sat down to order a meal. The gorgeous French waiter ran through the specials. We gazed up at him attentively — and took in not a word. The looks, the accent — who cared what was on the menu? This is the coaster that came with the mug. It shows the full picture.


  1. I'm a late convert to Green Tea. I never used to like it but now I do. And Chamomile with Spearmint is a favourite in our house. Oh and I'm with you with the not being patient. I do the same - adding a dash of cold water. Great minds :)

  2. I love dandelion tea and ginger - though normally I have coffee.
    I love that coaster and the story behind the mug- isn't it funny how much nicer things taste in a special mug.
    Carol x

  3. I like my coffee medium strong and black. Period. I don't like flavors, cream, sugar, frappe, latte, or any other atte they try to stick in coffee these days.

    I like lemon in my tea which would make both my grandmothers roll over if they knew ;o)

    But no matter how one makes it, I just can't drink green tea. And I've tried several times. My hat is off to you and the many others who do enjoy it though.

    The mug and coaster are delightful!

  4. I'm not very fond of Chamomile tea, Eleni — something about the smell puts me off, though it might be different with spearmint.

    And I've never tasted Dandelion tea at all. I know in the past people used to roast the roots and use them as a coffee substitute (like chicory) but I've never tried it. I'm afraid that anything that tries to imitate coffee is bound to fail for me — I lovvvvvve coffee and no other substitute will do.
    Which is why, I think, I only like tea when it's delicately flavored and bearing no resemblance to coffee.

    NightsMusic, I don't much like the flavor additions to coffee either, though I do like it with a splash of milk. And I was like you with green tea, so....