Thursday, April 14, 2011

A splash of scarlet

My study looks out on a fence that's usually covered by Virginia creeper and each autumn it really comes into its own. I love this time of year when one by one the deciduous plants —which are all exotic species in Australia — change color. 

I particularly love the way the Virginia creeper twines through other plants, leaving a splash of scarlet — in this case over the bronzed green leaves of my self-sown tree fern.

The Virginia Creeper is always the first. Now I'm waiting for the Japanese Maple.
What about you? What signs of the new season — autumn down under or spring in the Northern Hemisphere — are you looking forward to?


  1. My next door neighbour Grace has a row of maples that turn bright red. My lounge room window looks out toward them. I love autumn.

  2. Thanks Keziah. One day I want to be in North America for their Fall. It seems spectacular.

  3. Then you have to come to Michigan because we rival New England for our color displays and they are glorious!

    Right now, I can't tell you how glad I am to see robins in my yard. They are harbingers of spring for us and I was to the point where I wondered if it would even come. But the robins are out there, poking in the grass, pulling up who knows what kinds of bugs have overwintered and it makes my heart sign with delight. Now, if it would just get over 45, I'd really be happy!

  4. It is spring on the west coast. Everything has that brilliant green bursting everywhere. Yes, please write Marcus' story. I just discovered your books, love, love them.