Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Would you wear these?

I watched a movie on TV last night, and because I like to do stuff while I'm watching TV, I tried making some paper earrings out of my book covers. Each one only takes a few minutes. They're a miniature version of the paper decorations I made for Christmas one year.

 I thought they might be fun to give away at the ARRA convention I'm attending in a couple of weeks time.

Can you identify the books they're from?


Here they all are together, hanging off a coffee mug.

What do you think? Should I take them to ARRA? Is it a dumb idea? 
Would you ever wear something like this?
Leave a comment or match the earrings with the books, and I'll pick someone to receive a pair of earrings made of whatever cover you want.

Post script: After Trish Morey's comment,  I made these from her book covers and some for another author friend. I gave my earrings away at ARRA and they were such a hit I might make some to take to New York in June.


  1. I love them, Anne!! Just absolutely gobsmackingly deliciously gorgeous creations!

    And if nothing else, you must wear them at ARRC!

    And now I'm totally fixated on wondering what my covers would look like, not half as pretty I wager but there would be lots of lovely red:-)

    I can see the Perfect Rake and The Perfect Kiss in there and I think, going by the colours, a lovely Stolen Princess on those gorgeous pinky ones and a snippet of that gorgeous gown from Accidental Wedding.

    I wish I was that productive in front of the telly, mind you, I'm pretty good wielding the iron:)

  2. Accidental Wedding
    Perfect Rake
    Stolen Princess
    Perfect Kiss

    And you betcha I'd wear them! They're lovely. And unique. And I'd love the pattern, but I have to tell you, They'd be made out of paper because there's no way I could fold up any of your covers.

  3. Trish and Keziah, I'm so glad you like them. It's just a little bit of fun. I'm like my mother in that I can't watch TV and do nothing else, so I make stuff. I have been known to do ironing in front of the box, Trish, but mostly I don't iron in large batches.

    And Trish, I can tell you now, your covers look pretty gorgeous as earrings.

  4. Spot on, Theo -- but I didn't use the actual covers -- I copied them onto photo card and printed them off. I have to shrink the pics so you can see some words, so these end up about the size of a matchbox.

    I've since done some on photo paper -- easier to fold -- and glazed them with modge podge. They're light and pretty and don't show the creases as much as these one did.

  5. Don't you just love ModPodge? Wonderful stuff. I can see where the photo paper would be easier to work with and would probably stay smoother though I do like heavy earrings. But these are great. Now what you need to do is make a larger matching one for each set into a pendant!

    Oh, the possibilities...