Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

A Happy New Year to you all.  I'm hoping 2011 will be better for me than 2010. It's started in a promisingly magic way, with a garden full of rainbow lorikeets.

Rainbow lorikeets are brilliantly colored Australian native parrots, and I feel lucky whenever they visit. A few months ago they visited my flowering gum (eucalyptus) until the flowers were finished, and at the moment the attraction is my plum tree laden with ripe red plums, so my day starts with the sound of noisy chirruping and squawkling as they feast happily on the plums.

You don't think squawkling is a word? Listen to this, which is a recording of rainbow lorikeets, and tell me these birds don't squawkle. It's part squawk part chortle and full of joy.

It's been a bit tricky to get a photo of them -- the moment I open the back door, a bunch of them take to the air in a flurry of bright colors, and only one or two little pirates remain right at the top of the tree, feasting boldly. You can just make out one here:

I'll try and get a clearer shot to show off their brilliant colors but in the meantime, here's one from the Wikipedia entry about them. Magic little birds, I think, and with real personality. 

May 2011 bring you joy, peace, health and happiness. And a touch of magic.


  1. Hi, Anne. It's Theo. I think they're just gorgeous! What a treat to have a backyard full of them for whatever time they decide to grace you.

    I hope 2011 brings you everything good. :hugs:

  2. Happy New Year Anne! I have bossy, loud, sulphur crested cockatoos in my garden, feasting on the crabapple. Wouldn't mind if they were rainbow lorikeets or crimson rosellas.

  3. Hi Theo, the sound of their chatter comes through my window as I'm working and just makes me smile. I've picked a pile of plums for me, and some friends, and they're welcome to the rest.
    May 2011 bring you wonderful times, as well.

    Keziah, cockies are a bit loud, I know, but they have fabulous personalities. When I was a kid I found one that had been abandoned by its owners. I coaxed him down from a tree and brought him home, and he never did live in a cage. He was a mischievous rogue who enlivened our lives for many years.
    The rainbow lori's are fairly new here -- it's only the last few years that they've been seen in my area in any numbers, so this is a real treat. We used to think the drought had forced them into the city, but even though we've had masses of rain in the last year, they're still here. Obviously they like it here. I, for one, am grateful for the little touch of magic they bring to my life.
    Happy New Year and thanks for staying in touch.

  4. Oh definitely squawking Anne!! Have a fantastic 2011!!!

  5. Happy New Year Anne

    We had a big flowing gum in our back yard for many years and the lorikeets would visit often sadly we had to have the tree taken down but the neighbours have a couple of apple trees so they are still close by and I love watching them go from apple to apple LOL. We also have the fruit bats visiting at night and they too can make some noise.

    Have Fun